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Jennifer Totten

  • From a young age, I’ve had an interest in cannabis and its medicinal benefits. I’ve became a passionate cannabis user and advocate, and my passion led her to become involved in the cannabis industry.
  • In 2019, Myself and my husband Jason opened oklahoma Native Roots a fully vertical cannabis operation, there, I gained valuable experience and knowledge about the cannabis plant. Slowly and painfully I  became educated  in the industry, with a deep understanding of how the plant can help people with a variety of medical conditions.
  • Throughout my career, I  have been a vocal advocate for cannabis, working tirelessly to break down the stigmas surrounding the plant. My goal has been to educate people about the benefits of cannabis and to help them understand that it is a safe and effective medicine.
  • Recently, I found my soul sister Kim Hughes and we created a show called Canna Talk About It, were where we share knowledge and experience with a wider audience. The show is dedicated to breaking down stigmas around plant medicine and educating people about the benefits of cannabis.
  • My passion for cannabis and my dedication to helping others has made her a voice in the industry. I will continue my passion to promote the benefits of cannabis and to help people gain access to safe and effective medicine. My hope is that my legacy will be one of education, advocacy, and compassion for those who need it most.
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