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GreenGrow & Our Partners and Sponsors Present...

Oklahoma’s 5th Cannaversary!

GreenGrow OKCUP'23

The Oklahoma CUP * by GreenGrow @ Studio30 June 24th 2023 *

A Celebration of the 5th Cannaversary of Legal Cannabis in Oklahoma!

+ CUP Awards
+ Studio30
+ Tulsa, OK
+ Live MUSIC
+ Fun Food Festival
+ Plant Celebration
+ June 24th ‘23


Rap, Rock & EDM

National headlining and local artists and a 1st class production crew come together for a plant celebration that you’ll never forget!


The Oklahoma CUP

Oklahoma’s home-grown cannabis cup. Recognizing patient pioneers, best brands, & favorite products. The only CUP where winners are chosen by the VOTE of the PEOPLE and PATIENTS.


Vendor & Sponsor Info

Green Grow FEST offers a unique environment through which brands can connect, network, and grow their brand visibility.  


Oklahoma CUP Awards Celebration Presented by GreenGrow!

The Oklahoma CUP will be a celebration of the 5th Anniversary of Legal Cannabis in Oklahoma. We will recognize Patient Success Stories, Favorite Entrepreneur / Brand Stories, Top Influencers (and what they influence), and also RECOGNIZE the People’s FAVE Cannabis and Plant Medicine Products with on stage recognition and awards.

The Product Awards are BASED solely on votes by the people online for 3 weeks prior to the festival and by votes of ATTENDEES at the awards on June 24th!


Branded Theme Camps + Vendors + Sponsors

GreenGrow FEST is an incredible opportunity to expand and grow…your Influencer Image, Your BRAND STORY, Your Patient & Customer relationships, and your database. This festival will build upon the 50,000+ event attendance & email database GreenGrow has established over the last 5 years in Oklahoma. Be ready for a one-of-a-kind experience. 

Top brands get prime positioning, visibility, and access to attendees through Branded Theme Camps, Main Stage Promotions and sponsorship packages that will deliver a real Return on Investment by connecting with attendees, patients, and fans in a way that's totally unique and hella memorable for all. Our online reach and marketing reach before and after the event double the value for top brands and personalities being involved. Contact our team to get started!

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GreenGrow OKCUP'23