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BRIXX Cultivation

  • Brixx Cultivation is a vertically integrated indoor craft cannabis company in Stillwater, OK. They have a 15,000 square foot facility that harvests 80-100 pounds every 2 weeks and recently added 2 - 3,000 square foot light deprivation greenhouses.
  • Brixx Dispensary is located at 135 S Main St, Stillwater, OK, and opened in July 2022. As a vertically integrated dispensary, Brixx is able to provide high-quality cannabis to patients, at wholesale prices. With all the shortcuts cannabis businesses are taking, this gives them peace of mind knowing they are offering the best products to their patients.
  • Brixx is also working on starting a printing company for cannabis and non-cannabis businesses. They will offer design and printing services including heat transfer vinyl t-shirts, custom stickers, and labels. This new venture will allow them to white-label their own products to third parties.
  • The Brixx staff pride themselves on their extensive product knowledge, and they strive to make everyone feel like more than just another customer. The fast-growing company looks forward to opportunities to provide on-hand product knowledge and get in touch with the community.
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