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The Artist Veronica

  • "Hi! I'm the Artist Veronica. You might have seen some of my mural work around the community. I love using art to bring people together. Working with places to bring their vision to reality is so special.
  • I also teach puff & paint classes and do face painting at events which had allowed me the pleasure of meeting many wonderful faces. My work tends to be fast-paced and colorful. 
  • I've always been artistic and people have watched me create, but more recently I've been exploring the joys of intentional live painting at events with great success. The finished product can be great or not, but there's something about inviting others to experience the journey of the creation with you that just builds this energy and dialog that is so exciting to be a part of.
  • I am a patient who utilizes cannabis to help my creative process. I have also worked for and repped for several local cannabis brands. No matter where the smoke takes me, I always feel at home in this community. Let's create something beautiful together!"
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