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Kimberlee Green

  • I am a Cannabis Wellness Advocate, Certified Level 3 Cannabis Educator, HomeGrower, CannaCook, CoOwner of Giggle Twins LLC, and Caregiver to a minor OMMA patient using cannabis to treat Autism Spectrum Disorder. 
  • I like to share me and my son’s journey with plant based medicine hoping to give insight, more importantly normalize this amazing medicine. We grow our cannon organic methods and processed the medicine in our kitchen that my son daily use. 
  • After my horrible experience with a bad strain I knew I needed to get educated before trying this for my child that is nonverbal. Throughout my education I learned about dosage and how to use cannabis focus based on the strain profile and have had amazing success. 
  • My son is entering his 4th year of plant medicine and he is THRIVING! Not only are we thrilled with his progress, his healthcare staff is too.
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