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Danny De Giusti

  • Danny De Giusti is an award winning La Cordon Bleu trained Chef. 
  • He has worked in some of the top restaurants in Arizona. He is trained in Classic French, Southern Italian Cuisine but has always had a true love and passion for… Pizza.

  • His love for both cooking and plant based medicine brought him back from Arizona to Oklahoma 4 years ago to be part of the newly emerging Oklahoma Medical Marijuana Market. Affectionately known as The Mad Chef due to his culinary creations and willingness to push the envelope, Chef Dan has continually brought technical excellence to the Cannabis Industry and refined what dosing consistency and precision means, to the thanks of many patients. 
  • When he is not in the kitchen, Chef enjoys putting on private underground kitchen events, playing frisbee golf and spending time with his loved ones. He also enjoys cooking gourmet meals for his Dog “Baby”. This led to him creating a dog food company affectionately named “Table Scraps”. His favorite method of Cannabis Consumption, aside from his own edibles, is to smoke flower. When asked his favorite strain, he simply replied, “I like it all.” 
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